Belt conveyors

Quick and economical solution to transport of single items.

Belt conveyors is machinery intended for transport of single items to the required distance that is used in various industries. We make them from a base frame using our structural aluminium system, driving and driven roll, support plate and conveyor belt.

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Linear belt conveyors

Angled belt conveyors

Belt conveyor turn

ALUTEC KK - pásové dopravníky


  • the support frame of the conveyor is made of structural aluminium system Alutec KK
  • supporting steel sheet over the entire upper surface (galvanized or rustless)
  • fixed and adjustable base frame base
  • driving and driven steel
    roll 35/50/65/96 mm in diameter
  • drive designed as compact unit - a three-phase asynchronous electric motor and a worm gear (bevel-helical gear for greater loads). Located on the left/right/in the centre/with reducer
  • transport belt of optional materials (PVC, PU, ​​textile belt, etc.) can be supplemented by transverse stoppers, guide wedges and bellows
  • bottom support rollers of 30 mm and 50 mm in diameter (depends on the velocity and width of the belt)
  • frequency converter to be able to select speed and direction of the conveyor belt, or just motor starter
ALUTEC KK - pásové dopravníky


  • low purchase and operating costs
  • long life and minimal maintenance
  • manufacture according to your technical requirements
  • ESD design also
  • wide range of accessories
  • structural system enabling further extension
  • can be arranged in assemblies



ALUTEC KK - výpočet nosníku

Beam Calculation

Stress analysis of aluminium profiles, calculation of beam deflections

ALUTEC KK - on-line konfigurátor modulárních stolů

On-line configurator
of modular desks

Design your own
workbench in a few
simple steps

ALUTEC KK - on-line konfigurátor dopravníků

On-line configurator
of conveyors

Design your own assembly
in a few simple steps

Useful On-line Tools

3D katalog ALUTEC KK

3D catalogue
(the original version)

Product models
and drawings, detailed
information and calculations

ALUTEC KK - 3D knihovny pro Autodesk Inventor

3D libraries
(for Autodesk Inventor)

Speed up drawing
3D models using
our components

Catalogue of profiles
and accessories

On-line tools to simplify and efficiently work
with our structural aluminium system.

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