Aluminium structural system and accessories

We are the only Czech manufacturer of structural aluminium systems with a 25-year lasting tradition. Discover the range of possibilities how to use it.

We introduced the structural aluminium system ALUTEC KK more than 25 years ago and it currently includes more than 100 variants of aluminium profiles and over 1,500 accessory parts. The key element of the entire structural system is an aluminium profile with a longitudinal groove.

ALUTEC KK - Aluminium structural system

An expeditious and functional solution. No welding and no complex tools are necessary.

The structural aluminium system offers an expeditious and functional solution in various industries. It is characterised by simplicity and speed in implementation, as well as by high adaptability to other structural systems. Any component can be combined with others without requiring special tools or the need for a solid (non-dismountable) connection, such as welding. 

ALUTEC KK - Aluminium structural system

System and its use

The structural aluminium system allows the use of standard components to manufacture frames, single-purpose or serial machines, safety protection of workplaces and machinery, workbenches, trucks, conveyor systems, assembly lines, conveyors, manipulators and entire manufacturing cells. The system is applicable in plants with the ESD compatibility condition. Profiles are made of Al Mg Si 0.5 F 25 according to DIN 3.3206.72 and provided with natural eloxal coat with a thickness of 15 microns. This surface finish improves the functional properties of the base alloy, increases corrosion resistance, hardness and wear resistance of the profile.

ALUTEC KK - Aluminium structural system

Not only ELOXAL COAT, we also offer colours as you wish

In addition to the standardly supplied surface finish of natural aluminium through anodising process (eloxal coating), we also offer a wide range of other RAL colours. As a variant of rapid change to the surface colour we recommend powder coating of the profile surface.

ALUTEC KK - Aluminium structural system


  • dismountability (changeover), reuse of the system elements
  • low weight of the system (1/3 weight compared to steel)
  • high accuracy, strength and durability of parts
  • simplicity, quick and intuitive work with system elements
  • the use does not require expensive machinery
  • interior and exterior use
  • adaptability within other solutions and new demands
  • affordability



ALUTEC KK - on-line konfigurátor modulárních stolů

On-line configurator
of modular desks

Design your own
workbench in a few
simple steps

ALUTEC KK - on-line konfigurátor dopravníků

On-line configurator
of conveyors

Design your own assembly
in a few simple steps

Useful On-line Tools

3D katalog ALUTEC KK

3D catalogue
(the original version)

Product models
and drawings, detailed
information and calculations

ALUTEC KK - 3D knihovny pro Autodesk Inventor

3D libraries
(for Autodesk Inventor)

Speed up drawing
3D models using
our components

Catalogue of profiles
and accessories

On-line tools to simplify and efficiently work
with our structural aluminium system.

3D product Catalogue


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