Ergonomic workbench is a solution to long-term efficiency without negative physical and psychological burden for its users.

We design modular workbenches according to your specific requirements with an emphasis on quality workmanship and components of the accessories used. From design to construction, we place great emphasis on the consideration of the rules of ergonomic workplace and high level of work efficiency.

Modulární pracovní stůl ALUTEC KK

Tailored solutions

Lean and Lean Manufacturing design principles

ALUTEC KK modular design provides integration with other structural aluminium elements, so that the workbench can be adapted to changes in the working environment. The structural system used allows the incorporation of workbenches into existing workplaces or assembly lines, as well as integration or the addition of other material handling systems (conveyor systems). For workplaces requiring ESD, we supply the unit including a measurement the ESD measurement certificate.

Modulární pracovní stůl ALUTEC KK

Variability of elements and functions

Standard versions of modular workbenches are designed as stationary workstations fixed worktop height. With a view to reducing the physical and psychological burden on workers, we integrate into the design elements that help reduce it. Thanks to the height adjustment of the worktop the bench adjusts to different heights of users. We also offer a number of workbench lighting variants and other accessories.

Main advantages

  • adaptable, dismountable, easily adjustable system with a possibility of re-usage
  • large number of accessories
  • following the Lean and Lean Manufacturing design principles
  • ergonomic design
  • ESD compliant

Optional accessories

  • wide variety of worktops
  • adjustable footrests
  • lighting and electrical distribution
  • tool holders and material storage bins
  • adjustable worktop height (electric motor, manual)
  • work containers and drawers
  • manufacturing documentation holders
  • ESD elements
  • possibility of mounting a manufacturing process control system and a NOK parts separator (according to FMEA)


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