ALUTEC KK - 3D knihovny ke stažení
Use our libraries in Inventor

Use our libraries in Inventor and speed up drawing 3D models using our components.

When inserting a specific profile, enter the required length and the profile of this length will be embedded into the model. Further outputs are no longer needed. Just link the profiles and build the desired structure.

Price quotation in a very short time

If you create a drawing with BOM and send it to our professional technical sales representatives, you will soon get a tailored offer.

3D libraries for download

Our libraries for Inventory are updated regularly (new product lines and components added), that’s why you need to check the versions of libraries. Supported versions of Autodesk Inventor are: 2016, 2017, 2018.

The files are stored on Google Drive. You will be prompted to download and then confirm the download without scanning for viruses. This is the standard file download process souborů *.zip.

Operating manual (in Slovak)
ALUTEC KK 2024 - ver_1.09 (*.idcl)
ALUTEC KK 2023 - ver_1.09 (*.idcl)
ALUTEC KK 2022 - ver_1.09 (*.idcl)
ALUTEC KK 2021 - ver_1.09 (*.idcl)
ALUTEC KK 2020 - ver_1.07 (*.idcl)
ALUTEC KK 2019 - ver_1.07 (*.idcl)
ALUTEC KK 2018 - ver_1.07 (*.idcl)