construction system

Reliable and maintenance-free solution. Quick-to-make assembly with the use of only 14 basic components.

Tubular construction system is useful where it is needed to quickly create your own design with minimal tools, where no extreme precision of the assembly however need to be achieved. Thanks to that, the system is commonly applied in operations with the established principles of lean manufacturing. The system is suitable for the manufacture of racks, as well as material and logistics transportation and stationary segments and workbenches. It is also suitable for construction of units, which are defined as requiring antistatic ESD where dissipation of electrostatic charge is required.

ALUTEC KK - trubkový konstrukční systém

Easy to use

The system is designed with a basic range of accessories and fasteners, which allow you to create virtually any shape pipe connections while allowing the structure to be combined with a conventional profile construction system. Key coupling elements include adapters and various kinds of couplings (e.g. double-sided, angled, articulated), together with sealing plugs, threaded inserts and roller rail holders.

ALUTEC KK - trubkový konstrukční systém


The construction system tubes are made of anodised aluminium, connector and accessories in the variants of die-cast zinc/aluminium, and steel. Dismantling joints allows reuse and organic recycling of the material. 

ALUTEC KK - trubkový konstrukční systém

Advantages of the system

  • flexibility, simplicity and speed of installation
  • unlimited assembly variations thanks to a variety of accessories
  • aesthetic compatibility with other structural systems
  • strength proportional to the design
  • optional ESD design (dissipation of electrostatic charge)

Basic parameters

circular profile

28 mm

dovetail grooves symmetrically on circumference                                                         4

profile variable (with T groove)

open / closed


50 kg/m



ALUTEC KK - on-line konfigurátor modulárních stolů

On-line configurator
of modular desks

Design your own
workbench in a few
simple steps

ALUTEC KK - on-line konfigurátor dopravníků

On-line configurator
of conveyors

Design your own assembly
in a few simple steps

Useful On-line Tools

3D katalog ALUTEC KK

3D catalogue
(the original version)

Product models
and drawings, detailed
information and calculations

ALUTEC KK - 3D knihovny pro Autodesk Inventor

3D libraries
(for Autodesk Inventor)

Speed up drawing
3D models using
our components

Catalogue of profiles
and accessories

On-line tools to simplify and efficiently work
with our structural aluminium system.

3D product Catalogue


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