Belt conveyor turn

It is a separate or downstream conveyor element to linear belt conveyor. It is used in locations where the direction of the product flow has to be changed while maintaining its position. This concerns mainly additions into larger transport units, or manufacturing and assembly lines.

Basic parameters

End bar roller diameter

60 mm

Transport angle 

45 - 180 °

Load of the belt

max. 25 kg


3 x 230/400 V

Operating temperature                 

10 – 30 °C

Transport height                                

200 – 1500 mm

Transport direction                                 

right / left

Standard axial radius of transport

R 700 mm

transport width 300 - 600 mm

R 800 mm

transport width 600 - 800 mm

R 900 mm

transport width 800 - 1000 mm

Transport velocity on axial radius                     

max. 20 m/min


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