Plate apron

For transporting products on complex tracks using shaped sections, such as horizontal or vertical curves and bends.

We make plate apron conveyors for operations that require minimising of the installation space, and where increased resistance of the belt against mechanical damage is required while preserving the simplicity of the elements with minimal maintenance.

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Destičkový článkový dopravník ALUTEC KK


  • conveyor frame, including the base made of structural aluminium system ALUTEC KK
  • plastic slide guideway in the top and bottom branch to support the members and reduce friction
  • the driving and driven plastic gear wheels (optional steel), tensioning members
  • for directions: horizontal, vertical, oblique, steep and angled
  • design with horizontal or vertical radii
  • fixed and mobile (travel) designs
  • design of the conveyors maximally facilitates maintenance and cleaning of the installation
  • modular design allows for quick replacement of components, the conveyors can be arranged both one behind another or next to each other
Destičkový článkový dopravník ALUTEC KK


  • electric motors and a worm bevel-helical gears, sliding mounting on driving drum shaft
  • operation of conveyors can be supplemented by frequency converter, control unit and sensors for automatic control systems


  • lateral ways with vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • electric adjustable columns for adjusting the height of the conveyor
  • transition pieces for arranging conveyors in lines
  • turn wheels

Basic parameters

Apron belts


1 250 N


steel - plastic / steel - stainless steel

Width in mm

63 - 82,5 – 114,3 – 190,5 – 254 – 304,8

Conveying speed

5 – 50 m/min


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