For transporting products between operations in plants, where the focus is on increased resistance of the belt.

We make modular conveyors with an option of shaped tracking (horizontal, angled sections, turns) especially for food, pharmaceutical and industrial operations that require increased resistance of the belt to mechanical damage, non-standard surface temperatures, and where breathability of the belt is required.

Modulární dopravník ALUTEC KK

Properties I

  • curved or linear design upon request
  • the support frame and the base of the conveyor are made of structural aluminium system ALUTEC KK
  • in the standard design, the drive consists of worm gear with a three phase asynchronous motor, or a 230V motor
  • PP, PE, POM, PA modular belts (depending on the required properties and designs), with spacing of modules ranging between ½“ and 2“
  • belt modules interconnected by a rigid plastic or steel rod
Modulární dopravník ALUTEC KK

Properties II

  • driving and driven plastic gear wheels
  • plastic slide way under the top branch of the belt as support and reduction of friction
  • adjustment and tensing of belts by axial tensioners in driven wheels
  • in case the belt gets damaged, onlythe damaged portion is replaced
  • high belt durability
  • minimum maintenance requirements
Modulární dopravník ALUTEC KK


  • electrical switchboards
  • optical sensors
  • frequency converters
  • motor starters
  • fixed lateral vertical / oblique way with raised edges for guiding the products

Basic parameters

length of conveyor

no limits

width of conveyor

 50 - 1 000 mm

conveyor velocity

3 - 50 m/min

operating temperature

10 - 80° C

conveyor load

depending on the frame


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