Gripper conveyor

For the transport of products along complex routes thanks to the use of shaped sections such as horizontal or vertical turns and bends.

We manufacture gripper conveyor for operations that require the minimization of built-up space and where increased resistance of the belt to mechanical damage is required while maintaining the simplicity of the elements with minimal maintenance. Use for continuous transport of piece goods vertically up / down. The possibility of setting the width of the clamping space between the slats according to the dimensions of the transported piece.

Lamelový vynášecí dopravník ALUTEC KK

Properties of the gripper conveyor

  • frame including base from aluminum construction system ALUTEC KK
  • adjustment of the transport width using a linear guide manually or electrically
  • the link conveyor is equipped with special links with flexible slats, which safely transport the product to the end of the conveyor line product transport can be provided off-level or as a bridging conveyor (bridging) in the section of aisles and for the passage of forklifts can be arranged in a series with a horizontal line of link, belt, modular and roller conveyors, depending on the shape and weight of the product the design of the conveyors makes the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment as easy as possible


  • electric motors and worm bevel gearboxes, sliding bearing on the shaft of the drive shaft
  • the control of conveyors can be supplemented with a frequency converter, a control unit and sensors for automatic control systems

Basic parameters

Adjustable clamping width max. 300 mm
Transport angle *   0 - 90 °
Weight of transported product max. 4 kg/ks
Electrical connection 3 x 230/400 V
Operating temperature 10 – 30 °C
Transport length max. 8 m
Transport speed max. 50 m/min
* conveyors can be assembled into shapes that allow changing the orientation of the transported product at the exit


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