New in - MINI Conveyor

For transporting single objects to the required distance, using An integrated motor with minimum space.

Drive by compact unit which has electric motor 24V DC voltage And planetary gear.
Drive system is completely integrated inside the conveyor.

The drive is not designed for continuous conveyor operation.
The drive load cycle is 50% (30 minutes of conveyor operation per hour at full load).

Basic parameters

Minimal conveyor body width

80 mm
Maximal conveyor body width 200 mm
Minimal axis spacing of cylinders 500 mm
Maximal axis spacing of cylinders 2 000 mm
Maximum load of the conveyor 5 kg

Transport speed - depending on conveyor load

1-10 m/min
Electro wiring 24 V DC

* Width can be reduced to 50mm however, the motor must be placed on the side of the conveyor.

pásový dopravník s průměrem válce 35 mm