Innovation - slat discharge conveyor Aluflex vertical

Use for continuous transport of piece goods in vertical direction upwards / downwards.
Optional clamping area width adjustment depending on ​​the dimensions of the transported piece.

Basic parameters

Adjustable clamping width                                                                   max. 300 mm
Transport angle *                                                                                                0 - 90 °
Weight of transported product                                                              max. 4 kg/ks
Wiring                                                                                                       3 x 230/400 V
Operating temperature                                                                                10 – 30 °C
Transport length                                                                                             max. 8 m
Transport speed                                                                                   max. 50 m/min

* Conveyors can be assembled into shapes allowing change in the orientation of the transported product at the exit

Lamelový vynášecí dopravník Aluflex vertical