Pallet conveyor
system MINI

Conveyor system for pallets between 120 x 120 mm and 240 x 240 mm, including rectangular and maximum weights of 4 kg.

ALUTEC KK - Paletový transportní systém MINI

Parameters of MINI series conveyors

  • pallet dimensions: from 120 to 240 mm (the width of the pallet in the direction of the transport)
  • maximum load of conveyor: 30 kg
  • weight per pallet: up to 4 kg
  • maximum length of conveyor: 10 m
  • rolling by 90/180 degrees (optionally version with a turntable also for 90/180 degrees)
  • great positioning options, sensing, etc.
ALUTEC KK - Paletový transportní systém MINI

Caption of the illustrated MINI Pallet Conveyor System

Pallet conveyor system of rectangular shape (2 longitudinal conveyors, 2 cross conveyors) for transporting 120 x 120 mm palettes made of aluminium profiles of module line 30 with a 6 mm groove, rolling turn 90 degrees, ESD joints, legs with adjustable feet.


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